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The next Industrial Hygiene Forum Event:


Thursday, June 29, 2017, 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Title: E-Cigarettes: Policy, Toxicology, and Occupational Health and Safety


Cost: $60


This presentation will explore the current landscape of e-cigarette use and policies, and occupational health and safety concerns.



At the end of the course attendees will be able to:


  • Explore the current landscape of e-cigarette use and policies
  • Identify toxicological concerns of vaping e-liquids
  • Summarize current findings of exposure assessment conducted in e-cigarette vape shops in the Bay Area
  • Develop an understanding of worker health and safety in these emerging occupational environments




1:00pm to 1:45pm



1:45 pm to 2:30 pm




2:30pm to 2:45 pm


2:45pm to 3:45pm



3:45pm to 4:00pm


4:00 pm


COEH-CE is "paperless." Any course materials will be provided to you electronically in advance of the event.



ABIH - ABIH® Diplomates can earn up to 2.75 of contact hours for this event. Visit /maintain-certification/cm-credit-education-events for more information.


Nurses: COEH Continuing Education Program (BRN Provider # 12983) has approved this event for 2.75 contact hours.



Richard Kwong

California’s E-cigarette Landscape: Exploring Use and Policy


Jeff Fowles

Toxicological Concerns From Inhaled Food Flavorings found in E-Cigarette Aerosol




Marley Zalay and Kathleen Attfield

Investigating Worker Exposures in Bay Area E-Cigarette Vape Shops





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